Story of Our Journey


Mitra Café, one of the headdresses of Kolkata, is a place to relish and savour. OnlyBangalis can feel the emotion when they pass by, and that mind-blowing smell of the food hits head over heart.

Shri Sushil Roy started this impeccable journey of spreading joy by serving food in 1910, a time when the culinary culture of Bengal took a turn with its prominent features from other parts of the country. Our stand-alone eatery opened its first gate at Shobhabazar, 47, Jatindra Mohan Avenue. And since then, our place has been continuously expanding to keep pace with the burgeoning eateries around it.

As the history shows, Sushil Roy was given this place as a token of friendship by Ganesh Mitra, so to inscribe that bond he named the place MITRA CAFÉ. Well, the name worth it till this era! However, it has now become the adda space for the young people but “our loyal customers are mostly in their 70s or 80s” they say. Fortunately death of Shri Roy could not petrify the place as Mrs. Roy held the helm with a firm hand. Known for its gondhoraj lime chicken pakoras, brain chops, fish kabiraji this enigmatic cabin is now in the good hand of Tapas Roy

The two seating spaces and wooden furniture are enough to give you the taste of nostalgia and take you back to the 19s. Although, the fully air-conditioned arena will place you between both the new world and the old world.

The glittering cafés and restaurants with bedazzling ambience might threaten the cabin culture. Still, we firmly believe that tradition lives in the people’s hearts eternally and that the craving to find the old world will never cease to stop. That is why WE will be here forever “to strive, to seek, to find and not to yield”.

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Mitra Cafe